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3 SEO Mistakes To Avoid If You Ever Want To Be On The First Page

June 24, 2013

Getting on the first page and staying there for a competitive keyword requires specialized knowledge. If you want to get free targeted traffic to your site then you must understand SEO. The internet is a world in itself and millions of people enter it to find information that they are desperate the get their hands on. In fact, some marketers have become very wealthy by focusing on SEO as their main way of getting traffic to their landing pages. With the knowledge that you will get more traffic the higher you rank on the first page should be enough of a reason to learn SEO. If you are new to SEO or have been taught wrong then this article will be a life savior because it teaches you what to avoid. No matter what anyone may tell you or try to sell you; SEO is based on solid principles and not on all of these new tricks and loopholes that you see appearing each month.

The most common blunder is neglecting on-site SEO. This is one of the only elements of SEO that you have complete control over. On-page SEO is how you arrange the elements on your site to rank well in the search engines. This is really simple, your main concerns are your ALT tags, heading tags, file names, titles, and navigational structure. Each on-page element should contain your main keywords. On-site SEO makes your site easier for your visitor to navigate and easier for you to manage. Many of your competitors will be utilizing onsite optimization so you will have to bring out the big guns.

Internal linking is one of the most overlooked SEO strategies most people. Your site's internal linking is all in your hands and it is an additional factor that you have 100% control over. Instead of focusing on sending your visitors away you should concentrate on linking all of your related pages together in a logical fashion. This SEO tactic will make everyone happy; you, the search engines, and your visitors. If you want your new pages to get indexed fast then this is the way to go. Look at Wikipedia; even though it has a lot of external links, it has smartly inter-linked all the articles, which obviously gives the site the link juice it needs.

Consultants who practice SEO and aren't ethical need to be avoided. There has been a real proliferation of SEO companies offering their services as of late. Some of these companies are legit, but some use methods that don't consider ethics to go about SEO. You won't even know what hit your site until you're de-indexed. So if you plan to work with SEO consultants, only hire the ones whose reputations precede them and who will give you progress updates on a regular basis. Nothing should ever be hidden from you when it comes to them. Overall, your aim with SEO should be to keep it as ethical as possible. It's common for webmasters to have no clue what they could do their sites by using such unethical methods. Keyword stuffing is highly looked down upon and will label your site as a spammer. You should also know that using copied content will turn readers off and the search engines will penalize you, too. It doesn't matter if you're going to do it yourself or you're going to hire someone to do your SEO for you, only use the most ethical SEO methods.

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